July 23rd, 2018

To address the integrity of the distribution system and protect the health of the end users, the Town of Benton will be conducting a free chlorine flush within its water distribution system. The flush will begin on Monday, July 23rd, 2018. This event is expected to last 45 days. The free chlorine flush is being performed as an added precautionary step to prevent and control biological activity within the City’s distribution system.

Currently Benton uses chloramines for disinfection of the drinking water. Chloramines are created by combining chlorine and ammonia. During this free chlorine flush, the disinfection process will be changed from chloramines to free chlorine. Free chlorine is a stronger and faster-acting disinfectant. Benton will be using this disinfection. Customers may notice open fire hydrants throughout the city during this period and possibly overflowing the water storage tower. The fire hydrants will be opened to allow flushing of the system to help remove sediment from the pipes and distribute the change in disinfectant. Overflowing water storage facilities further aid in the flushing process.

Possible Noticeable Effects:  It is important to understand that during this temporary change there may be some discoloration or cloudiness in the water and possibly a slight chlorine odor or taste. If this is experienced you may want to run the water through the tap until it clears. Minor pressure fluctuations and small air pockets may also occur. Fire hydrant flushing should remove a majority of the color and odor, but some may reach customer lines during the process.

Is the Water Safe to Drink?  Yes, the water is safe to drink throughout this process. Any odor and color issues will be nuisance only, which will subside as the flushing is completed. Discoloration in laundry is possible during this time. Cleaning additives are readily available at local stores to help prevent or remove any discoloration that may occur. Customers who use tap water for kidney dialysis at home should consult their doctor to advise them if any changes are necessary in their residual disinfectant neutralization procedures. Customers utilizing the water for aquariums should monitor both free and combined chlorine residuals.


During normal business hours residents may call (318) 965-2900 with any questions concerning the free chlorine flush. The Town of Benton appreciates the patience and understanding of its residents as it works to further improve the quality of the water for all customers.

Market begins May 20th 2018 

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Zoning Information:

2017 Consumers Confidence Report
for Benton Water System LA 1015002

The State of Louisiana
Department of Environmental Quality

has issued guidelines on any outdoor burning activities.

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The Town of Benton has adopted a moratorium prohibiting manufactured homes being moved inside the town limits except in a Mobile Home Park. This is for a six month period until zoning procedures are in place. If you have question concerning this please contact the Benton Parish MPC at 318-741-8825 

Benton is a dynamic community that is well positioned for the future. As we develop the vision for Benton’s future, we celebrate its past, and embrace the present. We understand that our decisions today will have a lasting impact on tomorrow and so each decision that impacts the community must be carefully considered. The Town Officials, staff, and various commissions, boards and committees are working diligently to provide residents and future generations an outstanding quality of life.


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